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I now earn more, profit more, have more time and flexibility, and I’m walking into my busiest and most stressful season of the year with joy and confidence all due in large part to Andy’s influence in my life. Best of all, my personal relationships have thrived. I’ve repaired and renewed my relationship with my dad, love my family deeper than ever before, and I love working with a staff that now enjoys being at work as much as I do! 

– Kyle B


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To Touch and Be Touched

It’s one thing to envision something from a distance; it’s another to lay eyes on the problem. It’s one thing to imagine something in the abstract. It’s another to see it in the concrete. Anybody who ever solved a problem or reached a goal started with an idea or a vision. But nobody ever solved a problem or reached a goal just by romancing it.

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Leadership Quicksand: Ten Hazards for Leaders of the Heart

The idea of leadership is that you’re influencing people, formally or informally, to move together toward a certain goal. If it were easy, anybody could do it. But because you’re dealing with people, and because leadership often involves matters of the heart, it’s easy to find yourself sucked into leadership quicksand.

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Stretch Time

In the world of archery, comfortable bows never launch arrows. Until the bow is stretched to near-breaking, the arrow never fulfills its purpose or reaches its target. I fear that our craving for comfort may be slowly killing us all because we’ve redefined the term. “Comfortable” means “able to be comforted” or “able to comfort.” It doesn’t mean easy, undemanding, smooth or soft.

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