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Here’s what Kyle had to say…

I’ve worked with Andy as my business coach for around 2 years now. It might be hard to initially describe what a leadership coach does and what is so useful about having one in your life. But over the last 2 years, here’s a short list of what Andy has helped me do:

  • Uncover more time with my family and manage my health
  • Empower new personnel to take my business to new heights
  • Delegate tasks better to maximize efficiency
  • Cope with stress and heartache associated with running a small, family business
  • Embolden me to make new contacts, tackle new endeavors, and not be afraid of failure

I now earn more, profit more, have more time and flexibility, and I’m walking into my busiest and most stressful season of the year with joy and confidence all due in large part to Andy’s influence in my life. Best of all, my personal relationships have thrived. I’ve repaired and renewed my relationship with my dad, love my family deeper than ever before, and I love working with a staff that now enjoys being at work as much as I do! 

– Kyle B



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