My mission – and the mission of LifeVesting – is to empower you to own your future. I’ve spent most of my adult life helping people just like you create value in their lives and flourish in their relationships. 

Using a “coach approach,” I help men and women achieve their desired outcomes. Whether it is multiplying your results, finding inner motivation, or developing leaders within your organization, you can get there faster and stronger with someone who can help add value to you and your organization. That’s even more meaningful when you find clarity of direction, life balance, and spiritual renewal.

I understand the tension that comes from managing multiple demands, and how easy it is to get distracted by problems or shiny new opportunities.

Challenges such as team performance, organizational growth, adequate revenue, conflict resolution, vision setting and communication can make or break your success, regardless of whether you lead in a business, a church, or an institution.

For 40-plus years now I’ve been communicating truth with passion andpersonally encouraging others. Fortified along the way with a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, I can arm you with your own version of clarity and courage so that with God’s help you can marshal your own positive change. 

My wife Robin and I live in Mobile, Alabama with three dogs. She’s a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist. In addition to the LifeVesting Group, we also launched LifeVesting International, a nonprofit that mobilizes church groups to travel internationally.


You only get one life. Let us help you live it to the fullest and lead others to do so as well. It’s all about you… owning your future, embracing change, and influencing others to go with you.

That’s LifeVesting.

Your life – abundant, lasting, influential, free, and eternal.