Garth Brooks

Count me in.  I now know what all the fuss is about.

Went to hear Garth Brooks in concert over the weekend in Birmingham, Alabama.  Definitely a step outside of my routine, but anybody with experience I talked to about the upcoming event told me, “It’s one of the best, if not THE best, concert experiences you will ever experience.”

Yeah, that.

Six of us took a road trip with center-section, row 9 seats.  Close enough to see the sweat and be covered when the confetti dropped.  And as-advertised, it was an extraordinary experience.  In part I felt like an outsider looking in because I didn’t know every word of every song like most of the crowd apparently did.  But on this night it didn’t matter. I was part of something bigger than myself, regardless of my lack of experience.  Garth and his team saw to that.

Now before you “Older Brother” types write me off and resume your search for friends in HIGH places, hang with me.  I’ve had some time to think about what we saw and heard that night. I’ve looked at it through several different lenses.  A leadership lens.  An organization lens. Even a Church World lens. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned that can speak to your world, too. [click to continue…]


OrangesSunday afternoon we had a big group of couples at our house.  I was hanging out with the men when Robin walks in and says, “There’s somebody at the door you need to talk to.”

Translation:  Somebody’s going to ask for our money, and you’re going to make that decision.

Optional Further Translation:  I don’t want to make that decision, but I reserve the right not to like it!  (She knows I’m a sucker for Girl Scouts, local bands, or anybody else raising money by selling something.)

This was no Girl Scout.  Boy Scout either.  It was a guy about my age.  And he was selling oranges.

That’s right, oranges.  Grapefruit, too.  And I bought them.  Half a case of them, in a household of two, for $39.50.

I live half a block from a major supermarket.  We don’t eat oranges that much.  Grapefruit?  Never.

But I bought.  And I’d like to tell you why.  (Yes, there are reasons beyond being a sucker.)

[click to continue…]


Hanukkah HamSeth Godin shared this head-turning picture taken at a market in Greenwich Village. Here’s an idea sure to get somebody a promotion – Hanukkah ham! Seth’s comment: “Sometimes a little knowledge isn’t such a good thing.”

Where would we be without ideas? And where would the good ideas be without a few Hanukkah hams thrown in for good measure?, New Coke, Volkswagon’s “Thing” and ketchup-flavored potato chips come to mind. Seemed like good ideas to somebody at the time.

Years ago Mad Magazine did a list of ad slogans that never quite made it to TV. Things like: [click to continue…]