Over here.

I have something you need to see.

I’m not showing it to anybody else yet because I wanted you to be the first to take advantage of it.  But next week it goes public.  And this won’t be a secret for very long.  This is a once-in-a lifetime…

(wait for it…)

…yeah, that.

Opportunity.  It’s an often-used, sometimes over-used concept.  Americans throw it around as if we own the copyright to the term.  You can see and hear it everywhere… [click to continue…]


The earliest known drawings of you-know-who. From the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

Suppose you could travel back in time and witness some event as it happened.  What would you like to see firsthand?

My family and I played that “what if” game on a trip a few years ago.  There were the obvious answers, of course, – to see the Red Sea divided into two walls of water, the resurrection or ascension of Jesus, to hear Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

But lately I’ve been working on another list, because it speaks not just to the past, but to my future and yours.

If I could be a fly on history’s wall, here are some things I’d like to see, in no certain order:

I’d love to see Walt Disney show his wife sketch of a cartoon mouse he drew on the train ride home – one he called “Mortimer.”  Lillian had a better idea.  “Call him Mickey,” she said.

I’d love to see Oprah Winfrey’s first screen test.

I’d love to hear Billy Graham the first time he ever stood to preach.

I’d love to see Norman Vincent Peale’s wife, Ruth, mail his book manuscript – still in the trash can – to yet another publisher because he forbid her to take it out of the trash.  (The book was The Power of Positive Thinking.  It sold 30 million copies.) [click to continue…]


Hanukkah HamSeth Godin shared this head-turning picture taken at a market in Greenwich Village. Here’s an idea sure to get somebody a promotion – Hanukkah ham! Seth’s comment: “Sometimes a little knowledge isn’t such a good thing.”

Where would we be without ideas? And where would the good ideas be without a few Hanukkah hams thrown in for good measure?, New Coke, Volkswagon’s “Thing” and ketchup-flavored potato chips come to mind. Seemed like good ideas to somebody at the time.

Years ago Mad Magazine did a list of ad slogans that never quite made it to TV. Things like: [click to continue…]