Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Passion FirePassion is in.  I was reminded of that today as I finished the latest chapter of the book that Kaye, my sister-in-law, and I are working on together.

Passion is a cool word, and you’re cool if you use it in a sentence.  Extra points if your face is filled with passion when you use “passion” in the aforesaid sentence.

Tony Robbins ends all the sessions in his famous audio series with it.  “Live with passion!” he says.  Sure beats the alternative.  (Die with boredom?)  Anyway…

There’s a huge college and young adult ministry called Passion that has been a driving force for worship influences, discipleship and evangelism for more than a decade now.  Even the name connects with something that people sense a yearning for.

“Passions” is the name of a daytime drama, and passion.com is a sex-based dating service.  Same word; different meaning entirely.

Sports fans talk about a passion for the game, or a passion for winning.  Talk to a Cardinals, Red Sox, or Yankees fan on opening day.  Hang out in a barbecue or beer joint in Birmingham around Thanksgiving weekend.  Or watch Dale Jr. do – well, just about anything – and you’ll see passion.

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