To a world He referred to as dark, and to people He said were distressed and dispirited, like sheep without a shepherd (that’s you and me), the Son of God appeared on the scene, moving at what must have appeared to some at times to be the speed of light.  Unlike any preacher or prophet, rabbi or rabble-rouser they had seen before, He came with a different call – a different invitation.

“Join me,” He said. “Follow me.”

This was not a call for religious people to be more religious. It was not an invitation for unrighteous people to behave righteously.  The stakes were and are far higher than that.  The deep, abiding happiness He offers (“blessed” He called it) are an invitation to move from time Into Eternity. [click to continue…]


Photo by Dolinski

Pastors get lots of interesting questions.  You be the pastor for a minute and answer this one I once received:

Does God like to have fun?  What does God do for fun?

What would you say?  To me, it’s a sad commentary on our Christianity when someone even has to ask the first question.  But both questions deserve an answer, or at least a thought.  Here, for what it’s worth, is mine.  Click on the comments link below and share yours.

Does God like to have fun?  You bet he does!  Have you ever seen a platypus?  Or a puppy?  Or a picture of me?

Does God like to have fun?  Of course!  Why else would he put two sisters in the same family, and give one straight blonde hair and the other one curly dark hair?  In fact, why else would He create everybody so differently? [click to continue…]