Join Me on a Wellness Journey

Update! Since I first wrote this I’ve lost 10 pounds in 10 days. I literally asked friends to pray for me today that my pants wouldn’t fall down while I taught for three hours!

Dear Friends,

December 8, 2016 was my “TIA wakeup call” – a Transient Ischemic Attack. A passing attack of unknown origin from a blood clot in my brain so small it was gone before they dealt with the damage. I totally lost my memory and understanding of what was happening for four hours.

Two days in the hospital and the good news is I didn’t have a stroke. And I haven’t had a TIA since. The bad news: I was already overweight; I gained 30 pounds since leaving the hospital.

From Wake-up Call to Decisive Action

I feel very blessed as a teacher and executive leadership coach to see lives transformed every day. But there’s a basic principle in leadership – before you can lead others well you have to be able to lead yourself. And I haven’t been leading the man in the mirror very well.

The problem isn’t a lack of knowledge; it’s a lack of action. But not just any action! I mean sustainable, effective action that gets me where I’m going in a no-nonsense way, then keeps me there. The very things I work with clients on in my coaching practice.

Sorry to say, I’ve been long on talk, short on application.

Hello Joy

All that began to change a couple of months ago when I ran into a couple of friends at my church. I had heard about some changes they had made and how looked and felt really good. And sure enough – they looked fantastic. But what caught me by surprise wasn’t the change in physique – it was the change in their attitude. Sure, they had lost some good weight and had more energy, but they also had an energy of the soul that can best be described as joy. And that, more than anything, got my attention.

“There is a guy you need to meet,” Mark said. And meet him I have. He’s a pastor and former evangelist with his own story of soul energy. Joey and his wife together had lost over 128 pounds in seven months! Now they are coaching others to reach their own health goals. Joey invited me to apply the same coaching and growth principles to my health as I did to the ways I help other people.

This wasn’t just another diet. It’s a supportive community. A network of mentors and coaches. A practical health strategy that is affordable and makes sense. And for some, it’s an opportunity to help others by coaching them toward total wellness.

An Invitation to Join Me

I decided that I’m all in.  And I’m looking for five people to join me over the next 30 days. Five people who will be willing to dare to commit to their own health.

I’m excited about adding health and wellness coaching to my toolbox of ways to help people, and you may be too. If so, that’s a conversation we can also have.

Either way, let’s do this together.

I know you have questions. I’ve had plenty. But here’s what you need to know right up front.

  • The only thing you pay for to be in this program is the nutritious, high-powered food. You don’t pay coaching fees. You also don’t have to buy a bunch of extra supplements or pay for shots or consultations as in some other programs.
  • If you choose to take part, you will have a coach (me) to encourage you. You’ll also have a network of other coaches and mentors to cheer you on and give you support.
  • Your program will be personally crafted to meet your needs and goals, not someone else’s.

Your Next Step

Check out my web site if you want by clicking here. If you’re interested or have questions, let’s have a relaxed, friendly conversation. about what your needs or goals are. Text me if you know my cell number or email me at We can set up an appointment for a brief conversation. If you decide this strategy is not for you or that you’re not ready, that’s fine. We’ll still be friends. But I think you’ll like what you hear.

On November 4 of this year I turn 60 years old. My goal by then is to be 40 pounds lighter and off the c-pap machine. Crazy? Maybe. But I’m tired of talking about what I claim to know but doing nothing about it. I’m ready to dare greatly. If I fail, at least I’ll fail forward.

This isn’t for everybody. But it may be for you. Let’s do this!