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by Andy Wood on October 5, 2016

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Standing at the Door

(A re-examination of a previously-published post from 2007)

It was a poignant conversation that probably ended too quickly. I’m sure it called for a little more tenderness and empathy than I was offering at the time.  But hey, at least it was honest.

“I was saved at age 6, and Spirit-filled at age 9,” she said plaintively.  “Now I don’t even know there is a God.  How do I get my faith back?”

I blurted out an answer that distressed more than blessed…

“You start by showing up.”

I’m sure that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. But I still think it’s true.

When it comes to peace or healing or restoration or growth, human nature has a tendency to self-destruct.


By isolating.


Withholding or running away from the situation.

The myth is that:

  • Church is for people who have God all figured out.
  • Marriage is for people who remain magically in love and intimate.
  • Financial planning is for people who have all the money they need to do what they want.
  • Friendships are for people who never get disappointed by other people.

It may be time for a healthy dose of reality.

The Sunday Morning Cave

Here’s how it plays out:  Life hands you difficulties or trials, and truth be told, you’re not handling them very well.  You wonder where God is in the situation.  You’re hurt and angry and don’t think life or God is playing fair.  So the last thing you want to do is go hang out with a bunch of church people on Sunday who worship as if everything is wonderful.

Here’s a novel idea:  Show up! 

I can’t tell you how many times I woke up on Sunday morning with an overwhelming desire to stay home.  And I was the pastor!  But without fail, the engagement, the worship, the shared life we experienced in that brief period of time renewed my faith and strengthens my walk.  It still does – even when I dread it in advance.

It will help yours, too, even if you don’t experience one of those “magic moments” with God at the church house.

Show up!

The Out [of the] House

Another scenario:  Your spouse or significant other has been a source of disappointment or pain.  You feel neglected, hurt, or betrayed.  The temptation is to check out – if not out of the house, at least out of the conversation.

So, Dr. Phil, How’s that working out for ya?

Instead of pouting or hiding, try showing up.  Do something together.  Have a casual conversation.

Talk about your feelings. Or don’t talk about your feelings.

It doesn’t have to be “Romeo and Juliet” – “Everybody Loves Raymond” will do.  Just be there.

Show up!

Circling the Money Drain

One more:  Sometimes money turns south, and financial pressure can make you feel like a dragon has challenged you to a duel.  The temptation is to avoid the stress by doing nothing.  So you ignore it. You procrastinate dealing with it.  But all that does is put more fire in the beast’s belly.

Try this instead:  Show up!  Sit down and look at it.  Make a plan. Start a conversation with people who are part of the problem or part of the solution. Clarify what it is you’re dealing with.  More often than not, you’ll find that the dragon in your head is much bigger than the one you’re actually facing.

Show up!

Getting Off the Ground

I heard somewhere that 95% of a space rocket’s energy is used just in getting it off the ground and into space.  But the view, the power, the capabilities of this marvel of technology are incredible once it moves into space.

The same is true for you and me.  There is an infusion of life, vision, power, and great joy awaiting.   We have an opportunity to create an even more compelling future than the one we now anticipate.  Our faith can be more robust, our relationships more intimate and joyful, our finances freer and more satisfying.

But first, we have to get off the launching pad.

Or out of that cave.

First, we have to show up.

So stop nursing your wounds in isolation, quit making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, and stop treating the world as if the dragon is at your door.

Show up!

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Matthew Bull February 5, 2017 at 2:11 am

I agree, you don’t hide yourself in the closet for a long time. You have to face the world and it’s consequences. Deal with it.
Matthew Bull´s last blog post ..Como Obtener La Visa a Estados Unidos Fácilmente

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