Words of Wisdom from a Five-Year-Old Road Warrior

by Andy Wood on June 25, 2013

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LK 1So… we took an extended weekend road trip for my niece’s wedding, and let me just say, it was an adventure in flying (yes, it was our plane that turned around and kicked an unruly passenger off), driving (we arrived in Mobile at 4:30 am after a late-late arrival in New Orleans), a wonderful wedding, and an equally-bleary-eyed trip home.

Along the way, our lives were enriched by the profound wisdom of the flower girl – none other than The Sasster, Laura Kate Wiley. She was good enough to share some of her deep insights, proverbial-level wisdom, and of course, contagious joy with us. Well, and with whoever else happened to be around.  Enjoy…

LK 9

How to Make an Impact

SWA Gate Agent:  You’re Mister Wood?

Me: I am. [Thanks for holding the plane for us.]

SWA Gate Agent:  I believe you have a granddaughter on this flight?

Me:  Believe I do!

SWA Gate Agent:  Cute little blonde?

Me:  Yep, that’s her.

SWA Gate Agent:  Well, she’s pretty excited that her Grammy and Papa are going to be on the plane.

Me, to Grammy and Aunt Sassy:  He’s met Laura Kate!

LK 3

How to Clearly Communicate Your Point of View

“Today is the day and we are going to get on an airplane and we are flying to Alabama and Grammy and Papa are coming and it is cousin Ashley’s wedding not Aunt Ashley and I am going to be the flower girl and I am going to wear a dress with a purple ribbon but really it’s a pink ribbon and I am going to eat pretzels on the plane but my daddy is going to eat peanuts but I don’t like peanuts and my brothers are going to fly on an airplane and I like pink anything pink and I like all the colors but mostly just pink and I’m really really really really really excited.”

LK 5

How to Respond to Uncertainties

“My brain is full of questions.”

Lk 6

How to Learn from the Example of Others

Grammy:  Oh Crap!

Laura Kate:  Grammy, don’t say bad words or they’ll kick you off the airplane!

LK 4

Proverbs 1:1

This is deep…

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, then don’t do it.”

LK 8

Meanwhile, Back at Home

A lesson in listening from Cousin Cohen… HAD to throw this in…

Daddy: We do not respond with anger.

Cohen: Okay Daddy.

Daddy: Now, what did I just say?

Cohen: We don’t throw Cason in the toilet.

LK 7

The Words of the Prophets

Me:  Look, Laura Kate, up there you can see New Orleans.

Laura Kate:  Oh – is it the dark place up there?

Me:  Ha! More than you know.

LK 2

Parts is Parts

Me:  Look, Laura Kate, there’s a mule pulling a carriage.

Grammy:  I feel sorry for mules.

Me: Why?

Grammy: They don’t have parts.

Aunt Sassie:  They have parts, they just can’t make babies.

Laura Kate: I have parts!

Me: You do?

Laura Kate: Yes.

Grammy: What parts to you have?

Laura Kate: My part is to love my Grammy for all the days of your life.

LK 11

Never a Bad Time to Be Excited

Even at 4:30am…

“See them thar laaaghts?

That’s the ahrport.

I talk like a cowgirl when I get excited.”

LK 10

Never a Good time to Throw Up

“All over my beautiful new tutu…!”

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Martha Orlando June 25, 2013 at 7:43 am

Absolutely precious! And, we wonder why Jesus said we are to become like little children? 🙂
Thanks for this one, Andy!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..If You Can’t Stand the Heat . . .

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