The Delivery Room

by Andy Wood on August 22, 2012

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It’s a busy place – a hubbub of activity as people move swiftly to their assigned places.  Timing is critical. Everyone must be ready at the appropriate time, and yet few would dare to hasten the process.  There is tension, mixed with great anticipation.  But above all, there is joy.

Host of a strange mixture of humanity, this place.  Highly-trained professionals and knowledgeable assistants mingle freely with ordinary folks.  Anxious fathers and burdened mothers await an event that can change their lives forever.  The brilliant and the simple, the wealthy and the poor, the veteran and the newcomer all watch with wonder as they witness the miracle of birth.  No matter how many times they’ve seen it, each time it’s new and fresh.  And there is great, great joy.

Make no mistake about it:  this is a work place.  In the midst of the video recording, the spectating, and the bystanders waiting in the wings, this is a place of… dare I say it?… labor. I really like that old King James word, “travail” much better.  (Can I get an “AMEN,” ladies?)  In spite of the scientific advances and technological wizardry that abounds, it still takes travail to produce a birth.  And among those who are there to help, it requires careful attention and a commitment to excellence-in-care every single time.  But in the midst of the tension, soaring above all the pain, there is joy.  Great, great joy.

This is a place where the natural touches the supernatural, where the very human meets the awesomely divine.  So much of what has led up to this moment can be explained in terms of what we did.  We planned, we prayed, we “followed the directions.”  But there comes that moment in every birth event in which we look with awe and declare without hesitation:  “God did that!”  We are humbled that He has allowed us to participate in something so marvelous.  And oh my, what joy.  What great, great joy.

This is a place of waiting.  Sometimes longer.  Sometimes shorter.  But waiting just the same.  “He’s got a mind of his own,” we like to say.  “He’ll come when he’s good ‘n’ ready.”  And it’s true.  But come he (or she) will.  After all, this is the Delivery Room.  This is that wonderful reminder that all waiting eventually comes to an end.  And here, there is joy.  Great, great joy.

This is a fun place to be near, even if we aren’t directly related to the one being born.  It brings back memories – some bitter, but most sweet.  It’s fun just to be around someone so charged with life.  It’s a great thing to share with another person.  Even in the lives of the most casual of bystanders, there is joy.  Surprising, great joy.

This is a place where things can go wrong.  Human error or negligence can produce tragedy.  Bad choices along the way can lead to heartache and disappointment.  Circumstances beyond any man’s control can come crashing down upon us.  That is one of the reasons why there is such joy with the announcement of the birth.  Yes, there will be challenges and trials ahead.  But for today, a new soul has crossed the threshold and is fully, completely alive.  Oh, what joy.  What great, great joy!

This place – this awesome place – is not a hospital or a clinic.  It isn’t a doctor’s office or emergency room.  This is not a place for anesthesia or surgery.

This is a place where souls are born, and where broken lives are delivered.  This is God’s Delivery Room.  It can be a church building, a living room, or a gymnasium.  Whatever the location, the same miracle takes place every time:  a hell-bound soul meets Jesus, and becomes heaven-bound.

And no matter how many times we’ve seen it, we still stand in awe.

And yes, there is joy.  Great, great joy.

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Martha Orlando August 22, 2012 at 3:12 pm

It gave me “great, great joy” to read this post, Andy. You have described it all to a “T” and, yes, you have my permission to change “labor” to “travail”. 🙂 I have always loved that word – such a lilting one to describe a not so great time.
Blessings to you!
Martha Orlando´s last blog post .."We Are One in the Spirit, We Are One in the Lord . . ."

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