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by Andy Wood on January 10, 2012

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(Sort-of-random thoughts at 30,000 feet with a lot of free time on my hands…)

It takes minutes to make paper fly; to build something capable of carrying you long distances takes months, and a lot of helpful, smart people.  The same is true with your important dreams – and your character.

You were created with the language of Forever in your heart, and nothing else will satisfy.

“I will” spoken with resolve has power, but your resolve will be tested and the limits of your willpower will be exposed.

You were not born with the wisdom and capacity to wait, but wisdom and reward waits for those who learn to.

God created the world for you, not you for the world – but He does hold you accountable for leaving it better than you found it.

A thousand opportunities dance before those whose eyes are open to see them.  Ten thousand chances pass by those too lost in fear or consuming to notice them.

Summers are God’s way of showing that you don’t have to be in a classroom to learn.

I just saw a man express his gratitude by giving up his first class seat to a woman… who happened to be wearing a United States Army uniform.  I wonder how I can say thank-you to somebody today.

I will always respect the one who can wait (there’s that word again) with discipline, but then decisively act with courage.

I’m not so sure that God has a plan for you so much as God has a plan period and invites you to participate joyfully in it… Or bruise yourself on it.

Till you’re actually looking death – yours or someone else’s – in the face, it’s wise to hold your claims and criticisms loosely and humbly.

Even in a techno-driven, knowledge-drunk world, it’s still important to know who’s got my back and who’s standing beside me.

Till you’re actually looking death – yours or someone else’s – in the face, it’s wise to live with passion and abandon.

Till I’m touching the face of my Beloved, this world will never quite feel like home.

You and I may hear the exact same audio data, but filtered through our unique experiences, beliefs, imaginations, loves, and expectations, the song we hear can be radically different.

Whether you cry in desperation or you sigh with satisfaction, your God-only-wise knows your cries and your sighs before they ever make a sound.

Here in the world of the humans, our greatest craving – and greatest fear – is to be truly known.

My arms may offer fleeting encouragement, but His arms really are everlasting and strong.

God’s promises and truth work everywhere and anywhere, for anyone, including you.

Wander from the truth if you want; truth is still truth.  Anywhere you go you will either align yourself to it or burn yourself on it.

Every day, remember three things:  You.  Are.  Loved.

I don’t know how I discovered it at such a young age, but a long, long time ago I realized that you are who you are because of the people who love you.

So whose identity is being forged by the love you show (or fail to show)?

In your heart – your meditations, your passions, your desires, and your spirit – lies the DNA of your future.  The biblical word for that is “wellspring.”

Believe what you will and a rudder for your life direction is turned.

I often find it necessary to adjust or reverse the rudder in my heart by changing or challenging what I believe.

If you want to have some good clean fun, when you’re on a plane and the flight attendant is doing the safety demonstration, holler out “and breathe normally” after every phrase. S/he will think this is very clever and funny; don’t ask me how I know.

Nobody says “forevermore” anymore.  We’re too caught up in “forever more” (yes, there is a difference).

I’ll wait for Who or what is important to me; to wait upon the Lord is an expression of worship because you are saying to the Father, “Your control of the plan is more important than my control of the clock.”

You will know what makes someone tick (or what ticks them off) by what they give away their moments, money, and meditation to.  The hours in a day, the currency in an account, and the focused thoughts in a mind and heart all become reflections of the values and personalities of their holders.

One thing you may not want to announce to the passengers if you’re the pilot:  ”Ladies and gentlemen, we’re waiting a few minutes at the gate because we have a fuel leak in engine number one.  This is normal on the first flight of the day.” Said the guy sitting by me, “Now what he tell us that for?”

One thing you may have difficulty explaining if you are a flight attendant or airline anything:  ”Ladies and gentlemen, we will charge you $50.00 for each of the bags you check, but if you overload the plane with your luggage, we’ll delay takeoff and then check it for free.”

The time will come when all those who know Christ will live in a perfect world, prepared for them by the Lord Jesus Himself.  Until then, there will always be [fill in your own blank here or just use one of mine…] airports, meaningless bowl games, traffic lights, receipts, and football fans who are jealous of the SEC.

There is no unity like that which grows out of shared love – and that includes intimacy with God. When all I can do is bring my concerns, joys, longings and heartbreaks for those I love to Him, I discover again that He loves them more than I do, and I experience an intimacy with Him I wouldn’t have any other way.

The beauty of any journey, beyond the journey itself, is knowing that someone – or Someone – is waiting to greet you at the journey’s end.

When all is done that can be done then you’ll find that God is just getting started.

Whether you find me here or I see you there or we meet somewhere in-between, let’s vow to be found sowing the seeds of tomorrow and expecting a harvest of eternity.

Look for me in a discouraged, dispirited crowd, and as God is my helper, you’ll never have to look for very long.  I’ll be the one gently insisting that the end of the story has yet to be told about you (or me) yet.

When you begin to run, whether it is out of fear or desperation, excitement or anticipation, make sure you’re running toward your Heavenly Father… Or back to Him.

If I must give God time, I want my waiting to be with arms outstretched, heart expecting, faith enflamed, and love alive.  Impatient as I can be, I fear that I won’t do that well.  But however fleeting or faulty my faith or performance, “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.”

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