From “Bullied Nobody” to LifeVesting Somebody

by Andy Wood on July 5, 2010

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How do you respond when you are told every day what a nobody you are?  When the people who are supposed to be your friends and co-learners in school instead ruthlessly call you demeaning names, and you feel you have no one to talk to?

Brenda Poage gets that.  And Brenda is a somebody that you need to know.  Wife and mother, author and visionary, Brenda – like most of us – is who she is because of how she has responded to some painful experiences in her life.

Brenda is a LifeVestor.

Kids can be cruel, but you don’t have to explain that to Brenda.  From the time she started school in her small Texas town, she was mercilessly bullied by other kids in school.  Having to play academic catch-up required that Brenda attend remedial classes. And she became the brunt of some pretty mean name calling and bullying.

So when educators and parents today start quoting statistics that as many as half of all school children are bullied in some way, Brenda does more than raise her hand as “Exhibit A.”  She did something about it.  And that’s how Ima Nobody Becomes a Somebody was born.

Brenda had a sixth-grade teacher – Mr. Rob – who helped her realize her potential and follow her dream of writing.  She created the character Ima Nobody as a reflection of herself in her early school years.  In the process, she is encouraging kids and parents to face both sides the bullying issue in a fun, creative way.

Ima Nobody Becomes a Somebody is making a splash nationwide.  It’s a great book for kids ages 8-12, and a wonderful conversation starter for parents, teachers, and children’s ministry workers.  You can order autographed copies from the Ima Nobody web site by clicking here.

In her ongoing work, Brenda makes a distinction between being a snitch, or a tattletale, and Tattletalking.  When children are told not to tattle, it only serves to close the lines of communication between them and the adults in their world.

That’s where Tattle Talk comes in.  Tattle Talk teaches kids the difference between tattling for revenge and seeking help for safety reasons.  It also teaches adults to listen – to not disregard a child’s feelings if he or she seeks them out for help.

Tattle Talk is in development right now, but you’ll be hearing more soon as educators, parents, children’s ministry workers and other adult family members learn to listen so that kids will talk.

You can also catch Brenda tomorrow morning on LifeTime Television Network’s The Balancing Act tomorrow, July 6, from 7:00-8:00a.m., EDT.

Here’s a preview of her interview:

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