My Ten Most Addictive Sounds

by Andy Wood on February 23, 2010

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Martin Lindstrom has learned what sounds – branded and unbranded – are most likely to turn your head.  Or move your heart.  Or open your wallet.  Hmmm.  Suppose the above video may be a hint?

Together with Elias Arts, a sound identity company in New York, Lindstrom’s company, Buyology, Inc. tested 50 volunteers and measured their responses to a wide variety of sounds.  He has made a list of the 10 most powerful and addictive sounds.

You can forget waves, rain, or birds.

But if you hear the five tones of the Intel jingle, you are very likely to be drawn to it; it’s the second-most addictive sound in the world right now.  Third on the list (and you know that’s right… a cell phone set on vibrate).

To find out what the number one most addictive sound is, as well as the top 10 in both branded and non-branded categories, click here.   I think you’ll be as fascinated as I was.

I thought I’d do a little ear-searching of my own.  Not nearly as scientific as the folks at Elias, I’m sure, but I’ll bet they’ve never heard the sound of the wind blowing through the Alabama pines either.  Or the Rammer Jammer song.

As sure as I put this out here, I’m sure I’ll remember something else.  But here goes with what I have for the moment, in countdown style…

10.  “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!  Let’s go racin’ boys!”  Darryl Waltrip’s greeting to every race on Fox. 

9.  “Rammer Jammer”  –  the snottiest taunt in college football.  Probably should be outlawed.  But until they do, I’ll laugh out loud every time I hear it.

8.  Bagpipies playing “Amazing Grace” (done well… Q. – Why do bagpipers always walk when they play?  A. – They’re trying to get away from the gosh-awful noise.)

7.  “Yea Alabama” Fanfare – the current launching point to the University’s Fight Song

6.  The wind blowing through the Alabama (or any other) pines.  It completely resets my mood whenever I hear it.

5.  Alexander Scourby reading the King Jame Bible.  Probably the best-known audio Bible to this day.

4.  Windows email chime.  Gets my attention every time.

3.  (Sigh).  No, seriously.

2.  Cell phone on vibrate.  Mine or anybody else’s.               

1.  My granddaughter, Laura Kate, saying, “Hey Papa!”

(Honorable Mention) – My wife calling me “James.”  Not sure how addictive it is, but it usually stops me in my tracks.

Okay, so I’d like to know yours.  Countdown if you wish, or just throw out a few in the comments section below.  What are your addictive, turn-your-head sounds?

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