I Promise – And I Believe

by Andy Wood on September 4, 2009

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Pledge“I promise.”  Has a certain charm, doesn’t it?  Power, too!  Were there no promises, business or trade in the world would not exist.  Without promises, you would never experience friendship.  There would be no families, no churches, no faith if there were no promises.  Think of what your life would be like without the promises that have been made to you.

“And I believe you.”  Imagine what that does to the one making the promise.  The encouragement to faithfulness!  The linking of two hearts!  The formation of a solid friendship!  The birth of a profitable business relationship!  In Bible terms, we call it, “faith.”  In the real world, we can’t live without it.

Much of our lives are spent making, breaking, and keeping promises.  When we’re not doing that, we’re probably in the process of believing or doubting the promises others have made to us.  Think about it:  the quality of your life is measured by your faithfulness and your faith.  As you are true to your commitments, and as you trust those who have made commitments to you, you will be happy, healthy, whole.  The opposite is also true.

True or false:  “A promise is only as good as the one who makes it.”  Did you say, “True?”  Think again.  We all know that God is true to His promises, right?  But what good are the promises of God to the Christian who refuses to believe them?  If you believe people are going to rip you off, what good does their promise do?  A better way of stating the truth would be:  “A promise is only as good as the one who makes it and the other who takes it.”

Relationships are only as strong as their promises and their trust.  So what about the one whose confidence has been betrayed?  What about the promise-maker who let somebody down?  In an ideal world, promises are always kept, and they’re always believed.  But this isn’t an ideal world.  Does that mean we can never expect meaningful, strong, faithful relationships?  No.  But it does require us to add a third ingredient – one that heals the hurts of yesterday and gives us the courage to commit ourselves again.  It’s called… forgiveness.

Undeserved pain is not your fault.  Unforgiven pain is.  If you’re still bitter because of how you’ve been burned, if you’re still afraid to risk trusting again, or if you’re still wallowing in self-pity because you actually failed, then brother, that’s your problem.  A world of joy is passing you by while you nurse your achy-breaky heart!  Get up!  Wise up!  Lighten up!  And let go!

Experience a promise today.  From God.  From others.  Choose to believe it.  Rest in it.  Stand on it.  Celebrate it.  Smile about it (I promise, I won’t tell)!  And while you’re at it, stick your neck out and make a promise or two of your own.  Then trust your Heavenly Father to release in you all the power you need to be true.  It may seem scary, all this commitment and confidence.  But it’s worth the risk.  I promise…

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