Can’t Love Fix Everything?

by Andy Wood on June 12, 2009

in 100 Words,Five LV Laws,LV Alter-egos,Pleasers,Principle of Freedom

If only I could love them enough…

To unfeel her pain

To unmake his choices

To unmedicate her sickness

To unreap his consequences

Surely there’s a way…

To fill a bottomless void

To fix brokenness-in-motion

To free him from self-made prisons

To find for her what keeps getting lost

To forgive for him what he can’t forgive himself

Short of that, I must…

Admit how powerless I am

Believe in a Redeemer more gracious and alive than I

Turn it over, turn it over, turn it over,

And (hardest of all)…

Leave it.

Leave it.

Leave it in His hands.

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