The Resurrection Army

by Andy Wood on January 26, 2009

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Tense Truth: If you are a follower of Jesus, you are a citizen of a kingdom that is always one generation from extinction, and you are that generation. On the other hand, you are part of a kingdom that will never die. Armed with the most relevant, life-giving message ever known to mankind, we reach out with urgency to a dying generation, yet with confidence in a living God.

angel-prayerBorn on the first Easter and commissioned forty days later, the history and destiny of the world has been forever changed and shaped by an army sent forth by the Lord Jesus Himself. You are now part of that army.

Conceived in the eternal heart of God, nurtured in the womb of a rich man’s grave, this army entered the world with very little fanfare. There were no parades. No marches. No legions of soldiers with their pomp and circumstance.

Rome hardly noticed; most of Jerusalem heaved a sigh of relief. The Rabble-rouser was dead, His disciples terrorized, His followers shocked numb. The Armies of Death had won again, and life(!) would go on as usual.

Then came Sunday. Oh, then came Sunday!

Then rolled the stone.

Then fell the guardians of the grave.

Then rose the Lamb, the Lion, the Prince of Peace!

Out came the cry, at first as hoarse as a whisper: “He’s alive! And He’s calling for you.”

From everywhere they came: Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor, male and female, the religious and the rebels. They saw for themselves the difference a risen Savior would make. And true to the prophecies of Daniel, out of the kingdom of Rome there rose a kingdom that would never, never die – one that would subdue all other kingdoms and fill the world. And true to God’s promise, that kingdom and its Resurrection Army – your Resurrection Army – is still alive and well today.

What gives this Resurrection Army its power to overcome? For one thing, this is the only army in the world whose mission is to give life. Every other military entity, however noble, exists to kill – to introduce death to other people. The Resurrection Army, on the other hand, is commissioned to bring life. Eternal life. Abundant life. Life filled with meaning and purpose.

Your Resurrection Army is the only one that goes to the battlefield after the battle is won. The Armies of Death arrive early and often leave quickly. Strategists plan, officers lead, soldiers execute their mission of destruction. The Resurrection Army is different. Your strategy has already been executed. Your enemies have already been defeated. Life has already conquered Death. Your army simply shows up to claim the victory already won by the Lord Jesus.

Yours is the only army that wears someone else’s armor. In the Armies of Death, each soldier must wear his own protective gear. But in the Resurrection Army, soldiers are specifically instructed to “put on the whole armor of God.”  It is God’s armor that shields you from the darts of the enemy. It is God’s armor that gives you the weapons to enforce God’s victory. It is God’s armor that protects you from deception, capture, or defeat.

wounded-soldierWhat a force!

We conquer through gentleness, and our standard is a cross.

We’re a network of servants, an army of the meek.

We’re outmanned, outgunned, and outfunded.

We’ve been laughed at, lied about, rejected and scorned.

But we are children of the King of Ages, servants of the Lord Most High.

Our only power is His power, but His power is enough.

Our only wisdom is His wisdom, but His wisdom confounds the mighty.

We are called in love, sent out with joy, led forth with peace.

We endure hardness with patience, respond to insult with kindness, and attack evil with goodness.

Faithfulness is our badge of honor, gentleness is our code of conduct, self control is our motto.

We are a Resurrection army: conceived in the heart of the Father, born out of the tomb of the Son, energized with the life of the Spirit.

“Victory in Jesus” is our only battle cry.

And until He returns, “Whosoever will” may come and join us.

He’s alive! And He’s calling for you!

(Enjoy the video from Whitestone Motion Pictures)

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will hapeman January 26, 2009 at 9:35 am

The writing is as motivating as the film!

will hapemans last blog post..Tasers for Christ, Shocking Love

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