Could You Follow a Governor Like That?

by Andy Wood on September 3, 2008

in Executing Your Plan, LV Cycle

Stage 1:  Allocate your resources.
Stage 2:  Explore the possibilities.
Stage 3:  Follow your passion.

Stage 4: Execute Your Plan

“Okay, people, settle down.  This meeting will now come to order!  You guys in the back, keep a lookout for tax collectors and terrorists.

“We’ve called you out today because we have a new arrival in town.  This young man says he’s come from Persia, from the King’s palace.  Says he’s one of us, but has an important message.  Sir, you have the floor.”

“New governor, you say?  I never knew we had an old one.  No disrespect, sir, but you look a bit young to be a governor.  How much government experience do you have?”

“Okay, so let me get this straight.  You’ve never held public office.  You’ve never been a governor, mayor, or even a public defender.  You’ve never commanded an army or even seen a fight.  Your one job has been to serve up wine to the king.”

“Well, okay, I’m impressed.  It seems as if the Lord’s been opening up some pretty impressive doors.  But again, with all due respect, sir, this dump ain’t Persia.  Heck, we’re not even a city.  And I appreciate the fact that you’ve been doing some crying and praying for us.  But you’re not the first guy to try to rebuild this wall.  We’ve been trying this for 40 years.  So why don’t you scurry on off back to your cushy job?  I’m sure the king’s a bit thirsty by now.”

“Wow.  You’re serious about this, aren’t you?  I’ve never seen anybody stand up to the entrenched politicians like that.

“You really believe, don’t you?  I’ve never seen anybody with that kind of confidence in God, except ole’ Ezra, the priest.

“You’re going to actually do this, aren’t you?  I’ve never seen anybody hold a weapon in one hand, and a building block in another.

“Governor, could you hand me one of those bricks?  I’m in.”


Lifevesting is something you do, not just something you dream about.

It’s not enough to carve out the resources, create the idea, or carry the burden.  You’d be surprised how many people short-circuit themselves here.  Sooner or later you have to decide, to dare, to do.  Planning is important, but only if you execute the plan.  Dreaming is powerful, but only if you take the first step toward turning it into reality.  Make the call, write the letter, go to lunch with whomever.  It’s here that most of us figure out we’re dealing with more than one aspect of our lives.  The most authentic life investments involve more than just throwing money at something.  They also require your time, love, and (can’t resist!) tenderness.

Over time, wise LifeVestors learn that some plans are better than others – that some may be worthy of a nod, while others are that “pearl of great value.”  Occasionally we even learn by experience to ask, “Where’d that crazy idea come from”? But there is no substitute for risking failure, rejection, or disappointment by courageously taking action.

Nehemiah’s case actually follows a pattern found throughout the Bible:

1. Decision

The word “decide” comes from a Latin word meaning, “to cut.”  Deciding means cutting off  every other possibility.  There is a time to pray.  Nehemiah did that.  There is a time to survey.  Nehemiah did that.  There is a time to plan.  Nehemiah did that.  But there comes that point of no return, when we have to DECIDE, and move forward!

2.  Preparation
Enthusiasm and unity aren’t enough.  We have to sit down and count the cost, both as organizations and as individuals.  There is a difference between planning and preparation.  Planning involves figuring out HOW you’re going to do something once you decide.  Preparation means the decision has been made, and it’s time to get yourself ready.

3.  Determination
If your plan has any merit whatsoever, it will be tested.  The devil, the world, and the mediocre majority will let you dream all day.  But when you actually do something, somebody will have something to say about it.  They’ll nag you, rag on you, and somehow try to bag you.  If action’s a kitchen, count on somebody to bring the heat.

4.  Participation
Nehemiah said “we.”  He didn’t some just to oversee.  He came to work.  Executing your plan doesn’t mean figuring out what somebody else needs to do.  It requires YOUR participation in the process.

I’m sure you have some fine dreams and plans.  Now do something about it.

“At the end of your life, looking back, will you have lived in a way that is worthy of the best in you?  Or where you spend your life learning and preparing to sing, without ever singing?”

-Blaine Lee

“Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has had an idea.  It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it makes a difference.”

-Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari

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