Does God Like to Have Fun?

by Andy Wood on August 21, 2008

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Pastors get lots of interesting questions.  You be the pastor for a minute and answer this one I once received:

Does God like to have fun?  What does God do for fun?

What would you say?  To me, it’s a sad commentary on our Christianity when someone even has to ask the first question.  But both questions deserve an answer, or at least a thought.  Here, for what it’s worth, is mine.  Click on the comments link below and share yours.

Does God like to have fun?  You bet he does!  Have you ever seen a platypus?  Or a puppy?  Or a picture of me?

Does God like to have fun?  Of course!  Why else would he put two sisters in the same family, and give one straight blonde hair and the other one curly dark hair?  In fact, why else would He create everybody so differently?

Does God like to have fun?  You bet!  Have you ever noticed that when God makes people, or puppies, or even a platypus, one of the first things they learn is how to laugh and play?  It’s just sad that over the course of time we forget that.

Does God like to have fun?  Absolutely.  How else can you explain the fact that He created stars larger than the sun that we will never even discover, much less see?  What other explanation can there be for the mere existence of certain people (who will remain nameless)?  Find this verse in your Bible:  “He who sits on His Throne laughs…”  Why else would Jesus say that his Kingdom was composed of people who had child-like qualities?

Fun for people comes from three places, and since we are created in His image, I think it’s pretty safe to say that God’s fun-loving side touches these three areas as well.

1.  Anticipation.
Anticipating something exciting is usually as fun, if not more fun, than the actual event.  It’s also fun to help other people anticipate.  God has fun by allowing us to anticipate what is to come in eternity.  Think how long it has been since Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many mansions.  I’m going to prepare a place for you.  And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again…”

2.  Adventure.
When you do things that are new, faster, riskier, or an escape from the routine, you are having fun.  And the fun-loving God loves adventure, too.  I don’t think that God has hobbies, but He has created a masterpiece of a universe for His pleasure.

3.  Affection.
Fun is wrapped up in people.  Usually our anticipation and our adventure is made complete by somebody we care about.  Fun is rooted in fellowship and intimacy.  That’s why there was a Garden of Eden, and why there will be a heaven.  That’s why Jesus had twelve disciples, who were all so very different.  That’s why we may have some fun by ourselves, but not for very long.

D. W. Lambert recalls a boyhood memory that taught him a powerful lesson.  His mother was preparing tea for a group of ministers.  At one point “gales of laughter” rolled out of the study where the guests had been talking.  Said Lambert, “I. . . looked shocked, thinking that such holy men should not indulge in laughter.  My mother, with quiet insight, remarked, `When God makes you holy, He gives you a sense of humor.‘”

The next time you hear His voice, regardless of the means of delivery, remember this – it brings great pleasure to the God of Heaven to reveal His will, His heart, and His secrets to you.  Trust me – when you’re listening, He’s having a blast.

Photo by Dolinski

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kenSwitzer August 24, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Well, I think that God just had a little fun with me. I like to think of things from many different perspectives, especially when dealing with smart people like you and those that read your posts. So I was sitting here thinking how do I like to have fun. I like to experience new things, learn new stuff. I enjoy the anticipation of everything. After the service this morning I decided that this would be impossible for God due to his knowing everything all the time and not being surprised by anything. I thought, how sad, and tried to put myself in his shoes.

WHOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!! Those are some BIG shoes.
(The fun part for Him, I think, was watching me struggle getting out of there before getting “caught”)

Once I regained my composure from the shear……AW! (don’t do that again Ken) I thought to myself, how could anything be fun for God. Then I remembered my lack of knowledge of the English language and ventured over to to learn more about fun.

This is what I saw under definitions, “3 a: amusement, enjoyment”.

OK, everybody knows the second one. He enjoys praise and adoration from us along with a lot of other stuff like that. But, the first one is where my eye went. (yes, only the one eye while trying to read with the other. That would fall under the first definition, right)

OK, so what amuses God?
I think we do. Me in particular. Once again, I thought I could look at things like God. I just wont learn. OK, picture this, Me as God and my daughter as people in general. (I know, huh?) I thought of it like when I watch my daughter (3 years old) try to understand things that are far beyond her years. She asked me the other day while driving on a particularly rough road (that should not have been rough) why it was so bumpy. I told her the truth. I am known for that, you know. The road was rough because when it was constructed the guys building the road did not compact the sub-grade to 95% standard proxy as spec’ed in the plans. So that, when the two course surface treatment was applied, the improperly compacted sub-grade allowed for unacceptable amounts of shifting and settling during life of the product. I then looked in my rear view mirror to watch her reaction expecting to be “amused” and saw her blink twice and say, “The road is bumpy because the guys did not pack it right. We want a smooth road”.
After I woke up from my fainting spell, I drove off of the grass at the park across from Fazolies (sorry parks people) I said you are absolutely correct. I then realized that the amusement that just happened was God’s. He was amused by putting me in my place… again. This time though it was not by the Omni Present, All Knowing, All Seeing God. It was by a three year old that I tried to prove that I was smarter than.

Humf!!!! Someday I might just slip one by Him when He is not looking, right?

Fun for God is watching me try to outwit, outplay, outsmart Him.


Ron@TheWisdomJournal September 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm

Yep, He has a huge sense of humor. He loves to confound the wise and elevate the simple minded.
I get joy from seeing my children obey, perform well, do the right things, mature, and grow strong. I think God is the same way. Does God get joy from my strength? Could “The joy of the Lord is my strength” be interpreted two ways? Hmm…

Anna September 9, 2013 at 5:02 pm

I love God. Yes He has a great sense of humor. He actually feels our emotions and is in the mood that we’re in at the moment. The other day I wa happy, not telling the reason but I almost fell and I busted out laughing and I know He did the same because I’m really close to Him so I feel His presence and His emotions because the emotions are also mine but I get a stronger vibe from Him when I’m happy. So He definantly has a sense of humor that’s like no other. How great our God that shares our emotions!

KEN SUH September 22, 2016 at 4:53 pm

“Fun” was (one of) the answer to my life-long question: why did God create(preordain, etc) the universe and man in the first place? What did he want? He is triune God, self-sufficient. Did he really need someone to love or to be loved? Maybe, but not strong enough in my humble opinion.
How about man’s free will? Did God really know that Abraham would cut his son’s throat? If yes, can it be a test? Is that what the (biblical) text tells us? The author(Moses) seems to describe as if God really did not know about Abraham’s decision. That is why he was so excited and thrilled. When Daniel’s three friends were confronted by Chaldean king with life-threat, God seems to be really enjoying the tension and anticipating the turn of the events.
I guess fun and love can hardly be separated. You can’t have fun with something or someone without loving it/him. If you don’t love your team, what’s fun watching it playing? It may go same with your kids, buddies, hobbies or creation.
Does God have any right to have fun with his creation? I guess so. The question is: Can it be a fun for us too to please or amuse him? I hope so. Even if that means our eternal fate might be put on the line? Or the more! Only if we love him as much….

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