10 Things to Pray for the People You Love

by Andy Wood on July 31, 2008

in Five LV Laws, Principle of Legacy

PrayerI want to share with you 10 things I pray for my children, all of whom are married adults now, living elsewhere.  They are listed in order, but not necessarily order of importance or chronological order.  More on that later.

I didn’t make the list up – somebody already beat me to it.  But as soon as I found it, I decided that this was a good “handle” for interceding for anyone I love.  But I’m particularly drawn to praying this for my children, and their children as they come along. Here goes…

1.  Deep personal fulfillment.  I want them to be happy!  Not in that shallow, vain use of the word, but for them to find life satisfaction – true joy – in their lives, their relationships, and their work.

2.  The success and strength of their descendants.  To use a biblical term, I pray that my grandchildren and beyond would be “mighty on the earth” because of the things my children taught them and demonstrated to them.

3.  Financial blessing.  I pray that they would have an abundance of resources to give, to share, and to invest.

4.  Eternal life and a legacy of faithfulness.  I am blessed to know that my children and their spouses know Christ as their savior and Lord.  But I pray they finish well, and that their legacy of faith and faithfulness lives on beyond them.

5.  A clear light in the darkness.  I pray that they have a True North to go by that shines brightly, in spite of how dark the world may be.  When all else is bleak, and others are clueless as to what to do, I pray they become lights to guide others’ pathways.

6.  An answer and defense to their accusers.  I expect my children to be accused of something by somebody.  It may not be the legal system or anything of a scandalous nature (sure hope not!).  But somebody, somewhere, may misunderstand, dislike, or pick up an offense toward them.  In the event that happens, I pray they will have an answer based on love, truth, and forgiveness or repentance.

7.  A steadfast heart.  I pray that they will never be shaken or overwhelmed by circumstances or the world.  I pray that they will remain steadfast in the midst of difficulties and tests, temptations and distractions.

8.  Peace in the midst of their battles.  I pray they live in peace.  But when necessary to “draw the sword” and take a stand, that they stand with courage and stand strong in adversity.

9.  An honored place of leadership and influence.  I pray that they have power enough to influence, but not power enough to intoxicate.  I pray they wield influence with honor, and authority with grace and kindness.

10.  To confound their enemies.  I expect my children to have enemies because they already do.  But I pray that the accusations, traps, attacks, and deceptions of the enemy are brought to nothing.

As I mentioned, I didn’t make up the list.  It actually came from Psalm 112.  And each of these “requests” are actually conditional promises.  As I pray these things for the people I love, I trust that God, a wise translator, will build into them the character that produces these consequences.  Character qualities such as:

  • A healthy respect, reverence, and awe of the Lord.
  • Great delight in the structure, authority, life, and value of God’s word.
  • Integrity and backbone in their personal choices.
  • Kindness and sensitivity in their relationships with others.
  • Compassion toward the feelings and needs of others, particularly those who are hurting.
  • Generosity with their time and possessions.
  • Steadfast confidence in God.
  • Fearless boldness in uncertain times.
  • Lavish generosity to the poor.

This served as a good reminder to me.  When you ask God for consequences, ask Him for the character that produces them.  In yourself.  In the people you love.  But be careful with that prayer stuff.  Sometimes God may ask you to be the answer to (or example of) your own prayer.

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