Dear Laura Kate

by Andy Wood on May 12, 2008

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Laura Kate 3We welcomed you into the world today after a lot of prayer and waiting, filled with joy and anticipation.  You didn’t disappoint!  Other little girls have been and will be born.  Other grandchildren will surely grace our family.  But you will always be our first.  And your arrival will always be a memorable moment in our lives.

On this day, May 12, 2008, it’s a crazy world.  But I guess people would probably have said that on the day I was born 49 years ago, too.  It’s an election year in America.  Here in Lubbock, our mayor just lost a reelection bid two days ago.  Soon the Democratic party will choose between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for their nominee for president.  Either one will represent an unprecedented step in American politics.  Republicans already have their candidate – John McCain.  An earthquake hit China today.  American soldiers are fighting in Iraq in an unpopular war. 

We worry about the world you are inheriting.  But we don’t fear as those who have no hope.  We know in whom our (and your) hope lies.

For a short time, I get to be your pastor.  That’s really cool.  But I’ll always get to be your grandfather.  And that’s even more cool.

Your parents are wonderful people.  I’d like them and love them, even if they weren’t my daughter and son-in-law.  They’re really different from each other, and that’s a good thing.  Your mom has always had this thing about being everybody’s favorite.  Just humor her.  Your dad is a Calvinist.  Just humor him.  They both love Jesus Christ.  Don’t just humor that – follow their example.  They’re starting you on a journey that welcomed you today with the sounds of praise music in the room.  You will follow them as they follow Christ wherever He leads them.

Over time, you will hear a lot about family legacy.  You’ll hear stories about a farm in Alabama and adventures in Thailand.  Believe them.  They are doubtless all true.  You’ll hear about Texas Tech University, rugby, bubblegum bandits, The Edge, various dogs and cats, and a place called Turning Point.

Most importantly, you will become a part of your own adventure.  And you’ll become the latest story we all love to tell about.  Some of it will embarrass you.  Oh well.  Get over it.  Most of it will make you proud.  You have a great heritage, beginning with your name.  Ask your dad and mom about it often.

Your grandmother and I love you, though we’ve just met once.  And we always will.  You will fail and succeed.  We will love you.  You will bring us pride and disappointment.  We will love you.  You will wear us out, and we will ridiculously spoil you.  And we will love you all the while.

Welcome, little one.  Now let’s have some fun.

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