Come Away, Come Away!

by Andy Wood on April 18, 2008

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Spring 1“The winter is over.  The rain and snow have gone.  Come away with me, my love, come away.

“I miss our time together.  How long has it been since I heard the sound of your voice in the morning?  Come away with me, my love, come away.

“I have seen you struggling, and I’ve heard your cries in the night.  I have been with you, even when you felt alone.  I have been faithful, even when you were losing faith in Me.  I have been patient, even when you were impatient with Me.  Now the flowers are budding, and the time of singing has come.  Come away with me, my love, come away!

Spring 2“We need to get to know one another again.  I have so much to tell you; so much to teach you.  I want to heal the wounds of winter you carry, and lift the burdens that weigh you down.  I want to fill you with joy in the morning, and peace at night.  Oh, Come away, my love!  Come away!

“I know you’re busy.  I know you’re afraid.  I know of the demands upon your time and energy.  But I can give you order in your busy-ness.  I can give you courage to face your fears.  I will give you strength to soar with the eagles and conquer the giants.  Come away!  Come away!

“Everywhere around us are the signs of growth.  The colors of the earth are turning from gray to green.  They are awaiting the bursting forth of the symphony of spring.  But what about you and Me?  Where is the growth in our relationship?  Where is the symphony of our friendship?  How long has it been since you felt alive and really loved?  Oh, come away with me, my love.  Come away!

Spring 3“The world has been sleeping, and is starting to rise.  But what about you, my fair one?  How long will you sleep without real rest?  How long will you live in the shadows, while life – real life – passes you by?  Rise up, my love!  And come away with me!

“I know your friends and family.  I know some of them won’t understand.  They will ask where you are going, or what you are doing, or why the sudden change in your life.  Just tell them your Beloved has called, and said to you, `Rise up, my love, my fair one!  And come away.'”

“We’ll celebrate.  We’ll talk.  I’ll listen, I promise.  We’ll sing together.  We’ll laugh, a lot.  We’ll get close again.  Your busy life will wait.  Your demands will still be there.  The calls, the interruptions, the schedules, and the needs will all be waiting when you return.  But you will be different.  You will be stronger.  And you will be the one who calls tomorrow, with the voice of joy in the morning:  ‘Come away with me, my Beloved, come away!'”

(Photo credits:  1 – wisdoc, 2 – extranoise, 3 – darkmatter)

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Robin Wood April 19, 2008 at 10:53 pm

Only with Jesus…and you!

Ivy April 25, 2008 at 6:23 am

Amen. And Andy…next week’s week 8!!! Then I am finished with undergrad.

Andy Wood April 25, 2008 at 7:32 am

@Ivy – Congratulations! I’m VERY proud of you.

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