What if God Really Did Rent a Billboard?

by Andy Wood on March 24, 2008

in Insight, Life Currency

billboard.jpgHave you ever wished God would just make it easy?  That He would fly over your house in a blimp, or sky-write His will so that it was plain and obvious?  Have you ever envied the angel-set – those seemingly lucky (ahem – “blessed”) souls who had Michael or Gabriel drop by for tea and prophecy? 

A few years ago somebody in Jacksonville (I think) started a nationwide conversation with a series of billboard messages supposedly from God.  I’m sure you’ve seen some of them. (Example: “Which part of  ‘Thou Shalt Not’ do you not understand?” -God).  They were clever, sometimes convicting, sometimes sarcastic and funny.  But in case you were wondering, it really wasn’t God Himself who designed the ad campaign.

What if God really did rent a billboard?  Would it be easier, simpler, clearer to hear His voice?  I doubt it.

If God rented a billboard, many Christians would assume the message was for somebody else – especially if the message was distressing or outside their comfort zone.

If God rented a billboard, a week later somebody would be selling billboard pendants, billboard window decals, billboard yard art.

If God rented a billboard, people would begin to argue over whether its message should be interpreted literally, symbolically, or mystically.  We’d soon have the First Literal Billboard Church, the Southside Symbolic Billboard Fellowship, and the Metropolitan Mystic Billboard Society.

If God rented a billboard, people would argue over whether they chose the billboard or the billboard chose them; whether the billboard was for everybody or the billboard was only for the select few. 

If God rented a billboard, we’d probably spend more time talking about the billboard than talking to God in response to it.

If God rented a billboard, I’m sure He’d also give some of us a few billboard songs.  Of course, even though He gave it to us, they’d be protected by copyright laws, and we’d be free to sue you if you play without pay, Hallelujah. 

If God rented a billboard, He’d make the late-night standup comedy circuit.  Talk-show circuit, too.  He’d be debated and defended.  The ACLU would demand equal space for the devil, and somebody would start pushing the In Defense of God and Billboards Act through Congress.

But would anybody listen?  Really listen?  Of course.  But those who listen wouldn’t need a billboard.  Just an open heart, a lot of trust, and sometimes the willingness to give God time.

Truth is, in a sense, God already has rented a billboard.  A glaring, gritty advertisement of His love and longing.  It’s called a cross.  And when all else fails, and God’s voice seems impossibly distant, He says, “Go back there and listen.”  Jesus said, “Pick it up and carry it a while.”  Things will seem much clearer when you do.

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Terry Richardson March 24, 2008 at 11:56 am

Very insightful . . . thanx!

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