The Most Unusual Christmas Card

by Andy Wood on December 21, 2007

in LV Stories

Three of HeartsIt came with all the usual markings of a Christmas card – a small-sized envelope, personally addressed, arriving in early December. But inside was a surprise. All that was in the envelope was an ordinary, well-used playing card – the three of hearts. Across the front of the card, an anonymous friend had written, “Merry Christmas, from one soldier to another.”

How strange! No foil lining, no seasonal pictures, not even a signature. The message made me think of that old song about the soldier and his deck of cards. Each card had a spiritual meaning to him as he meditated on it. Maybe that’s what my secret pal had in mind. But why not the king or the queen? Why the three? Of hearts?

Three hearts. Heart of God, who loved the world enough to make the first move toward redemption. Heart of man, so dark and alienated he couldn’t find his own way. Heart of a Savior, a Prince of Peace, who would bring those two distant hearts together.

Three hearts. Heart of a Father, who gave life and a name to His Son. Heart of a mother, who made herself available for God’s purpose, even when she didn’t understand all it would entail. Heart of a baby, now beating in a manger; like all babies, the image of two.

Three hearts. Heart of the shepherds, surprised and excited out of their loneliness by the miracle at the manger. Heart of the wise men, determined to worship no matter what the distance or cost. Heart of Joseph, afraid yet available, who loved his God, his wife, and his foster son.

Christmas is about hearts. God’s heart, your heart, my heart, Mary’s heart. Hearts that break, hearts that need, hearts that reach, hearts that bleed. It’s about the heart of the willing, who said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.” It’s about the heart of the watching, who on that Bethlehem hillside found more to watch than they bargained for. It’s about the heart of the waiting, who daily searched the temple for evidence that God’s salvation had come. It’s about the heart of the wandering – folks like me and you – who are often too busy to notice, much less care, what God is doing.

Christmas is about threes. Three in heaven: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Three on earth: Mary, Joseph, Jesus. Three gifts: gold for His kingship, frankincense for His priesthood, myrrh for His impending death. Three witnesses: shepherds, wise men, angels. Three dreams of Joseph: take Mary as your wife, take your family to Egypt, bring your family home. Three titles for the baby Jesus: Savior, Christ, Lord. Three undying Christmas wishes: Glory to God in the highest, Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men. Three words, sent from the heart of God, engraved forever in the history of man: “I love you.”

Three hearts. From my heart, through God’s heart, to your heart. Merry Christmas. From one soldier to another.

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Baby Gift Unusual January 5, 2008 at 12:15 am

How many times have I thought about this (t Unusual Christmas Card | LifeVesting)? This is a great article and I appreciate the thought you put into it. Thanks!!

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